Master of Arts in Educational Technology

The M.A. program in Educational Technology is designed to educate individuals as practitioners and researchers who can construct and evaluate processes, products, systems and services for use at various levels of education and training settings. The program adopts a view of technology that goes far beyond hardware and software development. The courses of the program include, but are not limited to, analysis, design, development, evaluation, and implementation of instructional systems and other learning environments. Targeted research in the program is interdisciplinary, encompassing: instructional design theories, models and strategies; learning and cognition, computer supported collaborative learning; visual design, media design, and interaction design; usability testing and evaluation; educational systems design; production and management systems. The program considers settings for learning in diverse contexts including elementary, secondary and higher education institutions and adult learning in organizations. Since the program focuses on human growth through learning, the department is part of the Institute for Graduate Studies in Social Sciences.