Master Of Arts Course Descriptions

CET 501Education, Instruction, and Technology
Credit: (2+0+2) 3 ECTS: 8
Relating education, instruction and technology. Discussion of relevant theories, products and practices. Critical analyses of educational implementations of technology, the notions of technological determinism and neutralism, concepts of teaching, learning, and understaning. Use of "teaching for understanding" as a test case.
CET 511Theoretical Foundations of Technology Based Learning Environments
Credit: (2+0+2) 3 ECTS: 7
Basic principles and theories of technology based instruction. Fundamental approaches and courseware types, modeling tools, tutorials, simulations and games, drills, interactive learning environments, hypermedia, intelligent systems and general purpose tools. Selection, development, implementation and evaluation of courseware on the basis of learning theories.
CET 512Instructional Multimedia Systems
Credit: (2+0+2) 3 ECTS: 7
Multimedia as a system and technology. Current learning theories, and message design in multimedia systems. Components of instructional multimedia systems. Visual message and interaction in instructional multimedia systems.
CET 514Distance Education and Internet
Credit: (2+0+2) 3 ECTS: 8
Foundations of distance education. Historical development of web based education, current approaches and tools. Development of Internet based courses. Using Internet as an educational resource. Content development tools. Usage and evaluation of Internet supported/based courseware.
CET 521Human Computer Interaction
Credit: (2+0+2) 3 ECTS: 7
Interdisciplinary approach to system design and evaluation; ergonomics. Design of technology systems appropriate to user needs. Review of research in the field of human-technology interaction. Discussions on criticisms of existing interfaces and next generation design.
CET 531Authoring Systems in Education
Credit: (2+0+2) 3 ECTS: 7
Authoring systems used in educational settings. Basic concepts and principles of authoring systems and languages. Design and development of learning environments using an authoring system. Authoring system selection and evaluation criteria.
CET 542Design and Implementation of Technology Based Learning Environments
Credit: (2+0+2) 3 ECTS: 7
Components and principles of technology based learning environments. Adaptive systems and intelligent tutoring systems. Analysis of learning environments, content and cognitive styles. Identifying learner needs. Approaches to educational use of technology, design, development, implementation and evaluation of technology based environments.
CET 551E-Learning Management Systems
Credit: (2+0+2) 3 ECTS: 8
Basic concepts and principles of learning management systems. Servers and database management. Design and evaluation of learning management systems. Relationships between learning management and content development systems. Currently available tools. Industrial standards in these systems and approaches.
CET 561Research Methods in Educational Technology
Credit: (3+0+0) 3 ECTS: 7
Research issues in educational technology. Research methods. Experimental and quasi-experimental research design. Qualitative and quantitative data. Statistical techniques and computer based data analysis. Writing research proposals and reports.
CET 571Qualitative Research Methods in Education
Credit: (3+0+0) 3 ECTS: 7
Concepts and principles in qualitative research methods. Data collection procedures and techniques. Analyses of current research studies. Design, development, and writing of a research proposal.
CET 579Seminar in Educational Technology
Credit: (0+1+0) 0 ECTS: 1
Analyses and interpretations of applications of educational technologies from various perspectives, e.g. faculty, graduate students, and invited guests from industry and academia.
CET 580-599Special Topics in Educational Technology
Credit: (3+0+0) 3 ECTS: 7
Study of special topics in Educational Technology.
CET 690Master's Thesis
Credit: (0+0+0) 0 ECTS: 30
Master's Thesis in Educational Technology.